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Meet the Kool Retail Hub’s founding members | Kool

Do you want to know who are the founding members of Kool and why they decided to come together to create this new project? 

If you are familiar with the retail industry, then surely their names will sound familiar, but a small business card is never too much...

KENDU: the communication

Kendu are creators of visual communication solutions, ambience projects, and experimental designs that break completely from the traditional concept of sales. With offices in Europe, The United States, and Asia, they offer pioneering solutions to major international retail brands. What distinguishes its value proposition is its innovative ideas and way of understanding the points of sale.   



Sempere has their headquarters in Alicante. They have been creating mannequins and display products for visual merchandising since 1957, making them a benchmark for exhibiting solutions within the retail industry. Their mannequins, busts, torsos, and exhibitions are designed in many different shapes, materials, and colors, and their work is synonymous with work of the highest strength and quality.


ILUMISA: the lighting

Ilumisa is a Madrid based lighting business with a great future ahead of them. They are experts in architectural lighting, downlights, LED lighting, projectors, and design lamps for shops and workspaces. Their goal is to create comfortable environments, fresh and dynamic in which the light facilitates activity while simultaneously reducing energy expenditure.  

As you can see, the founding members of Kool are three powerful companies with much to add. But, even more significant is how the three businesses from different sectors have found a way to come together to create amazing joint experiences.  

Besides their innovative nature, what is it that Kendu, Ilumisa, and Sempere all have in common.

Their clients.


The firms that they work for the most are in the retail industry. And the way to offer comprehensive and disruptive solutions to the big brands is by adding talent. From the necessity of a collaborative ecosystem, these three businesses founded Kool, a hub purely specialized for the retail industry.  


The strength of our community is precisely in the diversity of our members. They come from different backgrounds, yet are brought together by the same objective: reinvent retail oriented solutions. 


Some say that the raw material of the greatest ideas is knowledge. We don’t agree. Different studies have shown that revolutionary ideas don’t come spontaneously, but are instead the result of  connections slowly generated in our minds.


At Kool, our members can share their knowledge and experiences in their respective areas in order to co-create truly innovative products and services. Furthermore, they have a space in which they can exhibit and experience their joint creation. We don’t forget either: designing a shopping experience of a point of sale is much more attractive than presenting lamps, mannequins, vertical gardens, or security systems separately. 


Kool is the community that connects brands, businesses, and the best retail professionals in order to create connections, facilitate collaborations, and generate commercial opportunities. 
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This is how the Grand Opening of Kool Madrid went!

This past March 5th, we celebrated our grand opening in Madrid with an inauguration party with fellow members of the Kool community and alongside a variety of different brands and professionals from the retail industry. In total, there were more than 200 people that attended the event, and all were able to witness in situ the various possibilities our space has to offer and the creative capacity of our members.

Presenting Kool, the first Spanish Retail hub

The first Spanish retail hub has just been launched. Yes, it’s Kool, and it’s us. We can’t think of a better time for our release, not only at the start of a new year, but at the start of a new decade. We are pleased for you to meet us and see what we do here at Kool.

Do you want to be part of Kool?