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Quiénes somos
Linking the success!
In order to manage points of sale, it's essential to have innovative solutions and to work alongside the best partners. Kool is a collaborative ecosystem in which these connections are generated naturally. 
Kool was founded to create an innovative and collaborative ecosystem around the world of retail. 
Stores are being reinvented to offer more than just products: offer experiences.

We have perfected the concept of showrooms and coworking, that are utilized in order to be at the forefront of retail. 

We have fused exhibition, areas of work and training spaces into one unique place. 

We are co-creating shopping experiences that make our partner brands stand out. 

We are a collaborative hub for innovation. 
We want to facilitate the management of points of sale to help find innovative solutions and the best partners. 
At Kool connect with the right companies, keep up to date with the latest retail trends, become inspired, participate in customized training sessions, and test your products in our showroom. All while reducing your costs. 

We are reinventing the future of retail.
At Kool you will always have at your disposal a showroom, a network of partners, and a training space in the center of Madrid.
Kool is a diverse global community  in which you will have access to everything you need to give your products and services greater retail visibility. 
Be updated on the latest retail trends, connect with an innovative ecosystem and be exposed to leading innovative solutions. 
Exhibit your retail products and solutions in a collaborative showroom while growing your contact network. 
Develop new lines of business and connect with the best experts in the retail industry. 
Kool Members
Our community is full of talented individuals. 

It is composed of big brands, businesses, startups, and professionals linked to the retail industry. 

Join a powerful network of partners to co-create the products and solutions of the future.

The retail revolution has already started. 
Kool Team
Meet the team behind Kool, who are working hard each day to find the latest retail trends, facilitate connections, and bring to life new ideas. The team is incharge of all the small details of our space to facilitate your day to day experience here.  
Joseba Egaña
Joseba Egaña es el fundador de Kendu y Kool; un emprendedor nato. En el año 2000, fundó la agencia de comunicación Medio 10, dedicada al sector retail. La empresa trabajó junto con 0,99 Studio, estudio de diseño también fundado por él, especializado en el diseño de elementos promocionales y visual merchandising.

En vista de la oportunidad de crear una oferta más diversa y dinámica para el punto de venta, Joseba fundó Kendu en 2004. Esta nueva empresa nació para desarrollar y producir un soporte gráfico pionero de la época, que permitía el fácil intercambio de los visuales impresos en soporte textil, sistema que registró como Smartframe. En 2012, Kendu absorbió Grupo M10 dentro de su actividad comercial, y comenzó su andadura más multidisciplinar e internacional. Actualmente Kendu empresa emplea a más de 180 personas en sus sedes de todo el mundo.

En 2019, en vista del nuevo escenario del retail y de la importancia de las colaboraciones entre marcas, profesionales y empresas, Joseba funda Kool; el primer hub especializado en retail. Así, en 2020, abrió las puertas de su primera sede en Madrid, y cuenta con un ambicioso plan de expansión internacional para crear una red de hub interconectados por las principales ciudades del mundo.
Andrea García

Our Director. She leads the opening of Kool, and is incharge of Kool’s growth strategy and Kool’s management of partners. 

She has led many openings of large scale collaborative spaces and hubs, where she worked to launch the brand and develop the business. She also participated in the creation of innovative programs for large businesses. 

She is very passionate about innovation and collaborative ecosystems. Her background in Architecture and Marketing and Communication, combined with her experience in tech startups allows her to have a well-rounded vision of innovation and the development of a business. 

She is the mother of Laika, likes brunches and is learning how to play the ukulele. 
Alberto Campanón

Our Space Manager. He is incharge of the operative management of the hub and to make sure everything functions smoothly at the site. 

An eco entrepreneur with Sacola, a startup that offers designed reusable bags as an ethical and sustainable alternative. He comes to us from Valencia, where he had been a Space Manger en Wayco until 2019, a prominent coworking space in Valencia. 

As an MBA graduate and with a diploma of Art Restoration from Patrimonio Artistico, he finds collaborative hubs like Kool a place with constant activity, where one can participate in creating innovative projects and be surrounded by entrepreneurs and professionals to learn from each day.  

He enjoys his free time by taking advantage of the endless leisure activities Madrid has to offer or by going on hikes in the surrounding mountains. 
Iván Nantón

Our Creative Director. He is incharge of making sure Kool is always looking good, making a reality all the creative ideas that Kool members propose. 
Born in Coruña, with only the age of 24 he was the Head of Visual Merchandising in Pepe Jeans London. Afterwards, he joined the directive team of Springfield, where he took charge of the Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing Departments. He is the one  responsible for the brand's new store look. In addition, he lived two years between Venecia and Milan, working as the Director of Art and Visual Merchandising at OVS Italia. 

Currently, in addition to providing his talent for Kool, he is the Creative Director and CEO of Twenty2Lab. 
Do you want to be part of Kool?