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Be cool in our school!
We want you to keep on growing continuously in both your professional and personal spheres. We design our training to cover all the aspects and knowledge you need to manage in the retail sector. You also have a lot to contribute!
Do you want to learn something new? 
In our school, you will develop your potential and connect with the emerging talent thanks to the specialized retail programs. 

We offer courses, workshops, and knowledge capsules for companies in different formats. We also organize workshops and custom-made training.

If you need to design something specific to your team, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Practical training experiences

We want what you learn at Skool to be valuable and useful in developing your business. Truly useful. We like the practical side of life. This is why our training area is equipped like a store. 

This way, in addition to looking at the theory, we also can experiment with visual merchandising and encourage other practices that help capture the attention of the customers.  
Learn from the top professionals

All of our courses, workshops, and conferences are taught by active industry professionals who are a part of Kool. Here you will learn what they don’t teach you at the university.

Our facilitators live and breathe retail daily, because that is what they are dedicated to. All of them have a background, experience, and contacts in the industry.

The other great advantage about our school is that we count on experts from very diverse areas of the industry who want to share their secrets. They are able to share from a wide range of knowledge.
What types of training do we offer?
Coolhunting tours
Discover the latest trends and learn how to detect emerging styles for use in your product development and communication strategy.
Face-to-face courses
Make the most of our face-to-face training courses, where you can get to know the facilitators and connect with other professionals. 
Online courses
Expand your knowledge from any place that you wish, with complete flexibility. Access valuable content that you can apply to the real world. 
Connect with other brands and professionals
Big brands need to innovate constantly, but sometimes this is hard due to complex administrative processes or difficulty discovering new talent.

We connect your brand with emerging talent that will bring you the fresh perspective that you need. On the other hand, the startups, designers, communicators, and students at Kool can develop their new products and services collaboratively. In our space, they have access to potential partners, retailers, and large companies.
13 JUL 2020
07:50 - 07:50
Do you want to be part of Kool?