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Nuestra Comunidad
The community
Who takes part of our community? 
Our community is composed of big brands, startups, entrepreneurs and independent professionals. This diversity in our community allows our members to create valuable connections and draw out all of its potential. 
Servicios Gold Silver
Espacio expositivo exclusivo en el Showroom 10 veces al mes 5 veces al mes
Brand Awareness en la web y newsletter de Kool
Post patrocinado y difusión en redes sociales
Acceso exclusivo a eventos organizados por Kool
Horas gratis en el Showroom para eventos privados 10 horas al año
Acceso a la plataforma digital comunitaria
Horas gratis en el Kool Lounge 10 horas al mes 5 horas al mes
Escritorio flexible en el espacio de Coworking 5 días al mes 2 días al mes
Sala de reunión 10 horas al mes 5 horas al mes
Community perks
Nuestros miembros
Our community is full of talented individuals. 

It is formed by experts from big brands, businesses, startups and independent professionals linked to the retail industry.

Join a powerful network of partners to create and exhbit the products and solutions of the future. 

The retail revolution has already started. 
Retail Visual Solutions
Sempere Mannequins
Servicios Full Flex
Acceso 24/7 al espacio de coworking
Escritorio fijo en open space
Acceso de Lunes a Viernes de 9h a 18h (3 días a la semana)
Recepción de correos y paquetes
Acceso exclusivo a eventos organizados por Kool
Acceso a la plataforma digital comunitaria
Sala de reunión 8 horas al mes 4 horas al mes
Community perks
A partir de 250,00 € + IVA 180,00 € + IVA
Offered Services
Meeting Room
Meeting room equipped with all you'll need
We offer high velocity internet 
24/7 access to our space

Alarm and video surveillance
Included Services
Electricity, water, cleaning, A/C and heating included
Shared Spaces
Connect with the community in our common areas
Ecological Coffee 
We have 100% ecological coffee with compostable capsules
Showcase your products in solutions in our showroom
Our Coworkers
Connect, grow, learn and develop your business from the connections that are created in our coworking space.
Revitalize your business with the innovation that it needs

We bring together the best businesses and professionals of the retail industry to generate a network of innovative initiatives and new lines of business. 

In our space you will be able to research and develop new models of products and services. In addition, you’ll be able to count on the constructive feedback of other professionals from the industry. 

Become a member of the Kool Community and participate in co-creating the future of retail. 
Create a unique shopping experience that will amaze your clientes

Our excellent location, in the center of the commercial heart of Madrid, allows your company to connect directly with your customers and potential partners.

Design creative shopping experiences in our Showroom, while simultaneously keeping in mind all the aspects of management, personel, inventory, and communication and marketing. 

We are your showroom and lab for testing your latest solutions.
What are the advantages of being a Kool member? 

· Connect to a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

· Be up to date on the latest retail trends.

· Access to state-of-the art technological solutions.

· Showcase your products and solutions in a unique environment.

· Boost visibility of your brand.

· Research and develop new products and services.

· Generate direct relationships with retailers and companies.
Do you want to be part of Kool?